Slavemakers Author Joseph Wallace
ISBN-10 9780698179455
Year 2015-12-01
Pages 384
Language en
Publisher Penguin

The new postapocalyptic thriller from the author of Invasive Species IT’S THEIR TERRITORY NOW. Twenty years ago, venomous parasitic wasps known as “thieves” staged a massive, apocalyptic attack on another species—Homo sapiens—putting them on the brink of extinction. But some humans did survive. The colony called Refugia is home to a population of 281, including scientists, a pilot, and a tough young woman named Kait. In the African wilderness, there’s Aisha Rose, nearly feral, born at the end of the old world. And in the ruins of New York City, there’s a mysterious, powerful boy, a skilled hunter, isolated and living by his wits. As the survivors journey through the wastelands, they will find that they are not the only humans left on earth. Not by a long shot. But they may be the only ones left who are not under the thieves’ control... From the Paperback edition.

Social Evolution in Ants

Social Evolution in Ants Author Andrew F. G. Bourke
ISBN-10 0691044260
Year 1995
Pages 529
Language en
Publisher Princeton University Press

Biologists have long been intrigued and confounded by the complex issues in the evolution and ecology of the social behaviour of insects. The self-sacrifice of sterile workers in ant colonies has been particularly difficult for evolutionary biologists to explain. This text presents an overview of the current state of scientific knowledge about social evolution in ants and shows how studies on ants have contributed to an understanding of many fundamental topics in behavioural ecology and evolutionary biology.

The Behavioural Ecology of Parasites

The Behavioural Ecology of Parasites Author E. E. Lewis
ISBN-10 0851997546
Year 2002-07-17
Pages 384
Language en
Publisher CABI

Parasites have evolved numerous complex and fascinating ways of interacting with their hosts. The subject attracts the interest of numerous biologists from the perspective of ecology and behavioural biology, as well as from those concerned with more applied aspects of parasitology. However, until now there has been no recent book to synthesize this field.This book, written by leading authorities from the USA, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, provides the most comprehensive coverage of this important topic on the market.

The Earth Dwellers

The Earth Dwellers Author Erich Hoyt
ISBN-10 9780684830452
Year 1997-03-21
Pages 320
Language en
Publisher Simon and Schuster

Explores the world of ants in a Costa Rican nature reserve in a study that is told from the ant's perspective, and profiles such ants as the leafcutter scout and swarm-raider male

How insects communicate

How insects communicate Author Dorothy Hinshaw Patent
ISBN-10 CORNELL:31924018104772
Year 1975
Pages 127
Language en

Discusses the variety of ways used by insects to communicate. Includes butterflies, ants, bees, termites, and many others.

The Wonder World of Ants

The Wonder World of Ants Author Wilfrid S. Bronson
ISBN-10 9780865346918
Year 2008
Pages 96
Language en
Publisher Sunstone Press

Bronson, who is well known for his interesting stories of science, ventures into the world of ants and describes the different kinds, from devastating army ants to slave-making ants who kidnap the offspring of other tribes.

The Great Hive

The Great Hive Author Joseph Pellegrino
ISBN-10 9781615661510
Year 2010-01
Pages 180
Language en
Publisher Tate Publishing

Anthony Daemond is an ant who longs for adventure far away from the humdrum routine of working in the tunnels. When a gang of slavemaker ants attack his colony, adventure unexpectedly finds him. A group of impressive warriors from The Great Hive arrive just in time to save the colony, ending this battle but signaling the beginning of the danger and excitement to come. Anthony, his best friend Celia, and Artie, his pet aphid, begin a quest that they hope will lead to their destiny. That is, until their path crosses with Iriana the Terrible, the newly crowned queen of wasps and hornets. Iriana's thirst for power and vengeance has set a terrible plan into motion, and she's willing to destroy anything and anyone that gets in her way. Bent on total control of the kingdom, and backed by an army of ruthless wasps and hornets, Iriana begins a campaign for dominance that can only lead to tragedy. Will Anthony and Celia reach their destination? Will they defy the perilous snares that await them? Or will they be too late? Readers will be spellbound by The Great Hive: A Real Hero, the first in an action-packed trilogy by author Joseph Pellegrino. Anthony may just be an ant, but sometimes good things come in small packages.