Principles of Runes

Principles of Runes Author Freya Aswynn
ISBN-10 0722538839
Year 2000
Pages 160
Language en
Publisher HarperThorsons

Runes are the ancient and mystical alphabet of the Germanic tribes, used over the centuries for divination and magic. This book explores their history, origins, and mythological meanings, how to consult the runes for personal empowerment, and how to invoke runic energies for divination, magical, and healing purposes. 26 line drawings.

Power and Principles of the Runes

Power and Principles of the Runes Author Freya Aswynn
ISBN-10 187045023X
Year 2007-08-01
Pages 158
Language en

The Spiritual Path of Rune Magic is unlocked in this book. For centuries the Northern Tradition has illuminated the way for many seekers. Based on her initiations into the powers behind the Runes, Freya Aswynn opens the path for those seeking to start their spiritual journey. "Principles and Powers of Runes" comprehensively covers the history and development of the Runes. The runes are much more than a simple device for making predictions, but are also a powerful tool for magic and self-development. Aswyn reveals how to understand each Rune sign and comprehend its spiritual and mythic background. She shows how to use the runes to find your life destiny, unlock your latent psychic powers and to heal. "Principles and Power of Runes" provides what a beginner needs to know to tread this path, while at the same time giving much needed and previously unavailable information for experienced practitioners.

A Practical Guide to the Runes

A Practical Guide to the Runes Author Lisa Peschel
ISBN-10 0875425933
Year 1989
Pages 171
Language en
Publisher Llewellyn Worldwide

EIHWAZ the yew, URUZ the wild ox, KENAZ the hearth fire. Created by the Nordic and Germanic tribes of northern Europe, the runes began as a magickal system of pictographs representing the forces and objects in nature. This guidebook will help you discover the oracular nature of the runes and how to use them as a magickal tool for insight, protection, and luck. Practical and concise, this book includes: Complete descriptions of the twenty-four runes of the Elder Futhark, plus WYRD, the blank rune The differences between bindrunes and runescripts Four rune layouts and detailed rune interpretations, including reversed position meanings How to carve runes and create talismans Meanings and uses of the runes in magick

Odin s Runes

Odin s Runes Author Neil Giles
ISBN-10 9780975772553
Year 2013-09-17
Language en
Publisher Starburst Publishing

Odin's Runes The runes are not just a fortune teller’s tool, rather they are part of a system of spiritual belief older than Christianity and as complex and as beautiful as Hindu or Buddhist thinking. The runes are the sacred symbols of Teutonic mysticism, a system of wisdom that embraces reincarnation and rebirth, that holds the web of life as central and sacred, that is steeped in a magical tradition where responsibility for one’s own acts and destiny is the core of existence. When you use the runes you don’t just read the future, you participate in its creation. The Author Neil Giles is a scholar of the runic tradition and a practitioner of rune magic. For him, a childhood fascination with Odin and the gods of Asgard has become a passion for the path of Teutonic wisdom. Neil reads the runes professionally and has lectured and taught extensively on rune wisdom and magic. His book ‘Odin’s Runes’ was born from the meeting and melding of a lifetime’s work with more than two thousand years of traditional wisdom.

Runes for Transformation

Runes for Transformation Author Kaedrich Olsen
ISBN-10 1609253019
Year 2008-08-01
Pages 224
Language en
Publisher Weiser Books

Runes have long been used as vital tools for transformation. The Norse employed them as tools for communication, and the Vikings would use them as wisdom before embarking on a journey or entering battle. Runic scholar Kaedrich Olsen reclaims the transformative power of the runes for readers today as a key to unlocking our potential for personal growth and our life's vision. Runes for Transformation is unlike any other rune book on the market, with Olsen's unique techniques and applications for this ancient alphabet including affirmations, NLP, visualizations, and meditation, as well as the historical background essential to embarking on this path. A highly respected teacher and transpersonal path worker, Kaedrich Olsen posits that the time for this "deeper working" of the runes has come and this will aid readers in both personal and collective evolution. Runes for Transformation is a rich resource and excellent guide for readers to take the steps to change their lives with a boldly modern approach to the ancient runes and for "change that really matters."

Nordic Runes

Nordic Runes Author Paul Rhys Mountfort
ISBN-10 0892810939
Year 2003-05-05
Pages 288
Language en
Publisher Inner Traditions / Bear & Co

With information on understanding, casting, and interpreting the ancient Viking oracle, this volume reveals the document based on the runic Elder Futhark alphabet of the Norse. 24 illustrations.


Glorantha Author Matthew Sprange
ISBN-10 9781905471119
Year 2006-10-01
Pages 160
Language en
Publisher Mongoose Publishing

Covering the Second Age of Glorantha, this full colour sourcebook is the essential guide to the classic RuneQuest setting. This book will place Games Masters and players alike straight into this world, allowing them to visualise the places they visit as no world book has yet done. No settlement will feel like 'just another town' in Glorantha, as players travel across the wilderness in the search for Runes, glory and ultimate power.

The Practical Guide To Using Ancient Runes For Modern Divination

The Practical Guide To Using Ancient Runes For Modern Divination Author Dayanara Blue Star
ISBN-10 9781508504061
Year 2015-02-15
Pages 24
Language en
Publisher Dayanara Blue Star

Runes are an ancient method of divination that still remain popular and useful today. Many people find them intriguing, because of their unique history and specific means of divination. Unlike fortune telling, runes are used to delve into a person's subconscious, and explore their true desires. They can be a wonderful aid in meditational practice, gaining self-awareness, or just getting some more perspective on various situations in your life. To people unfamiliar with divination tools, it may seem like some kind of spooky magic trick, witchcraft or even something demonic. None of those descriptions are accurate, and actually, runes encourage a person to explore their own mind and gain self-introspection. Initially part of an ancient Germanic alphabet, Runes have existed for hundreds of years. Versions of runes have been found in many different cultures all across the world, with stones created in a multitude of alphabets and designs. Simply put, runes are an old relic that has survived the test of time and is still proven useful today. The stones are a simple oracle which one can use to stimulate the thinking process. When the stones are cast, they aren't always entirely specific, meaning it is up to you to consider what they are telling you and how it relates to what you were asking. This often opens that pathway for critical thinking, solving problems and reducing stress.

Living by the Runes and Other Pagan Writings

Living by the Runes and Other Pagan Writings Author Amanda Owens
ISBN-10 9780557001347
Year 2008-09-10
Pages 325
Language en

A new look into The Norse Runes! Amanda Owens shows how each Rune speaks to us and holds valuable lessons and messages for our lives today.Also included are tips on meditation, working with the elements, how to create your own elemental candles and much more. This book is easy to read and use and can be used as a companion in rune divination. A true asset to any Pagan!

Runes and Their Secrets

Runes and Their Secrets Author Marie Stoklund
ISBN-10 8763504286
Year 2006
Pages 461
Language en
Publisher Museum Tusculanum Press

Runes and Their Secrets is a collection of articles written mainly in English by recognized scholars, examining a wide range of runological topics. The articles originated as papers read at an international runic symposium that was held in 2000. Jelling Runes embraces Danish runic inscriptions from the first to the sixteenth century, including such topics as the names of the runes, their chronology, literacy, runic coins, etc. There are also articles on the oldest runic research and runic magic. Several of the articles present brand new knowledge, for example about runic encryption of military and erotic secrets from the middle of the sixteenth century. (Formerly titled: Jelling Runes)

The Primal Runes

The Primal Runes Author Roger Calverley
ISBN-10 0940985837
Year 2005
Pages 338
Language en
Publisher Lotus Press

Thousands of years before the Aryan invasion of Europe, the people of Old Europe created sacred signs, the Primal Runes, and gave birth to our most ancient ancestral tradition of divination and magic. Based on the phases of the Moon, these archetypal rune-forms each have a sacred sound; they form a complete system of invocation and empowerment.

Leadership Principles of the Vikings

Leadership Principles of the Vikings Author Jan Kallberg
ISBN-10 9780979344930
Year 2007-10-01
Pages 148
Language en
Publisher Jan Kallberg

The Vikings were formidable adopters to the Dark Ages and were able to reach their strategic goals - land and wealth - and without losing their freedom or individualism they were able to build effective collective action to acquire what they wanted. The Vikings' approach to deal with uncertainty and turn it around so the risk becomes an opportunity has a relevant message in the today's economy and in the events of the future. Globalization is one of the major challenges of our age but it is not a new phenomenon. The Dark Ages had a shift of powers, uncertainty, and a resurfaced notion of a larger world that set the stage for the later explorations of Marco Polo, Vasco da Gama, and Columbus. The world was no longer your river or your valley. It had continents and oceans. These far and remote lands were a trading opportunity and a danger if their armies and fleets suddenly appeared on the horizon. The Viking had the ability to balance the need for individual freedom and unified collective action with the mutual benefits for everyone involved in an era that was unpredictable and uncertain where things could change fast and in a violent way. The leadership principles of the Vikings are crucial to understand how to optimize an organization to face the challenges of the uncertain and volatile global economy that lies ahead. The Vikings had a unique approach to leadership that inspired, maximized, and utilized the opportunities that led Iron Age farmers to embark on a voyage in to the unknown and beyond - from Scandinavia to North America and as far as Central-Asia and Baghdad. Todays corporate approaches of dealing with volatility and uncertainty are not viable routes to success, because they are reactive, rigid, and driven by an accumulated knowledge of the past. The leadership principles of the Vikings, and their management of volatility and uncertainty, instead focuses on an understanding of the future, the unknown and how to instantly adapt to any change in ones environment.

Reclaiming Your Sacred Path

Reclaiming Your Sacred Path Author Jon Martin Anastasio
ISBN-10 9781618521095
Year 2016-01-30
Pages 192
Language en
Publisher Turning Stone Press

Reclaiming Your Sacred Path shares how to renew your autonomous relationship with Spirit using practical tools to define your heart-centered path, sustain your momentum, and build resilience along the way. Author Jon Anastasio leads the path-seeker to find their own way back to their unique connection with Spirit by using divination, manifestation, and various spiritual healing modalities to reconnect with a spiritual path. Whether your current path is not fulfilling, or you are stalled in your spiritual journey, Reclaiming Your Sacred Path will help you confirm your values, create a vision for your spiritual life, obtain spiritual guidance, and turn your vision into practical steps forward. Reclaiming Your Sacred Path is the first step in a journey to recovering the spiritual experience so many of us have lost to the daily grind of life; and its greatest value comes not just in the cornucopia of teachings Jon Anastasio shares, but in its power of rejuvenation that can be tapped into anytime you feel as though you are losing your way.