In The Face of Danger

In The Face of Danger Author Joan Lowery Nixon
ISBN-10 9780307827586
Year 2013-11-27
Pages 160
Language en
Publisher Delacorte Books for Young Readers

Shy Megan Kelly cannot forget the day a gypsy read her palm announcing to all that she would bring trouble to those around her. Afterward, trouble does follow her, until she takes the necessary steps to free herself from the burdens of fear, loneliness, and superstition

The Bright Face of Danger Being an Account of Some Adventures of Henri de Launay Son of the Sieur de la Tournoire

The Bright Face of Danger  Being an Account of Some Adventures of Henri de Launay  Son of the Sieur de la Tournoire Author Robert Neilson Stephens
ISBN-10 9781465616715
Year 2017-07-14
Language en
Publisher Library of Alexandria

If, on the first Tuesday in June, in the year 1608, anybody had asked me on what business I was riding towards Paris, and if I had answered, "To cut off the moustaches of a gentleman I have never seen, that I may toss them at the feet of a lady who has taunted me with that gentleman's superiorities,"—if I had made this reply, I should have been taken for the most foolish person on horseback in France that day. Yet the answer would have been true, though I accounted myself one of the wisest young gentlemen you might find in Anjou or any other province. I was, of a certainty, studious, and a lover of books. My father, the Sieur de la Tournoire, being a daring soldier, had so often put himself to perils inimical to my mother's peace of mind, that she had guided my inclinations in the peaceful direction of the library, hoping not to suffer for the son such alarms as she had undergone for the husband. I had grown up, therefore, a musing, bookish youth, rather shy and solitary in my habits: and this despite the care taken of my education in swordsmanship, riding, hunting, and other manly accomplishments, both by my father and by his old follower, Blaise Tripault. I acquired skill enough to satisfy these well-qualified instructors, but yet a volume of Plutarch or a book of poems was more to me than sword or dagger, horse, hound, or falcon. I was used to lonely walks and brookside meditations in the woods and meads of our estate of La Tournoire, in Anjou; and it came about that with my head full of verses I must needs think upon some lady with whom to fancy myself in love. Contiguity determined my choice. The next estate to ours, separated from it by a stream flowing into the Loir, had come into the possession of a rich family of bourgeois origin whom heaven had blessed (or burdened, as some would think) with a pretty daughter. Mlle. Celeste was a small, graceful, active creature, with a clear and well-coloured skin, and quick-glancing black eyes which gave me a pleasant inward stir the first time they rested on me. In my first acquaintance with this young lady, the black eyes seemed to enlarge and soften when they fell on me: she regarded me with what I took to be interest and approval: her face shone with friendliness, and her voice was kind. In this way I was led on. When she saw how far she had drawn me, her manner changed: she became whimsical, never the same for five minutes: sometimes indifferent, sometimes disdainful, sometimes gay at my expense. This treatment touched my pride, and would have driven me off, but that still, when in her presence, I felt in some degree the charm of the black eyes, the well-chiselled face, the graceful swift motions, and what else I know not. When I was away from her, this charm declined: nevertheless I chose to keep her in my mind as just such a capricious object of adoration as poets are accustomed to lament and praise in the same verses.

Face of Danger

Face of Danger Author Valerie Hansen
ISBN-10 1426888694
Year 2011-03-01
Pages 224
Language en
Publisher Steeple Hill

Giving murder victims a face is forensic artist Paige Bryant's specialty. She can always put the pieces together. But her work turns dangerous when Texas Ranger Cade Jarvis brings her a special project related to the notorious Lions of Texas. Identifying the victim could help with the ongoing search for the murderer of Cade's boss…yet it also draws deadly attention to Paige. As she contends with attack after attack with only Cade's protection, the two of them draw closer together, learn to open their hearts…and struggle to identify the face of danger before it's too late.

The Bright Face of Danger

The Bright Face of Danger Author Max Brand
ISBN-10 1785412299
Year 2017-03-01
Language en
Publisher Sagebrush Large Print

Geraldi's dandified appearance and diffident air deliberately bely the steel concealed within. Known as the "Frigate Bird," he is an accomplished card-sharp and dice-cheat, preying upon unscrupulous gamblers.

Face of Danger

Face of Danger Author Roxanne St. Claire
ISBN-10 9781609419233
Year 2011-05-01
Pages 432
Language en
Publisher Hachette UK

Private investigator Vivi Angelino loves living life on the edge, but stepping into the shoes of a movie starlet to bait a serial killer isn't just a thrill . . . it's a ticket to the big time for her fledgling security firm. That is, as long as a certain risk-averse FBI agent stays out of her way-and out of her fantasies. Assistant Special Agent in Charge Colton Lang isn't above using his well-worn rulebook to stop Vivi's latest walk on the wild side. But when they learn her client is involved in something far more insidious than bad acting, Vivi and Colt must work together despite the electrifying attraction arcing between them. For each new clue is bringing them closer to a high-profile crime with a dark and deadly truth at its core . . . and a cold, calculating murderer with nothing left to lose.

Bright Face of Danger

Bright Face of Danger Author Winslow Eliot
ISBN-10 193567045X
Year 2011-01
Pages 440
Language en
Publisher Writespa

One man wants to love her. One man wants to silence her. How long can she hide the shattering secret that puts her life in danger? In the peaceful New England countryside, a shot rings out... and a pretty farm girl disappears with a scandalous secret that could destroy a political empire. A year later, she resurfaces as Lark Chandler, with a stunning new face and a glamorous identity. With one goal in mind - revenge - she moves from the decadent playgrounds of the European jet set to the thrilling, high-pressure world of Hollywood, where she dazzles the film industry and ignites the passions of handsome movie executive Dom Whitfield. But as Dom romances Lark, the talented beauty who seems to have come out of nowhere, he is tormented by the feeling that he's known her from before. Her careful reserve about her past haunts him. He will do anything for her - but what he does not know about his exciting new love is that she's running away from one fateful night - and that someone is watching her ... desperate enough to strike her dead. Lark's enemy will do anything to hold onto his dream of a power palace in Washington - even murder. As her success pushes her more and more into the spotlight, he moves in closer to his prey. Urgently, she tries to close the net around him, while at the same time outwitting his terrifying maneuvers. Revenge is almost in sight - until he discovers the truth about who Lark really is. Their cat and mouse game spirals into unforeseen danger, and her plan for revenge turns into a fight to stay alive. "Don't begin this one late at night or you won't get any sleep. Deftly plotted and superbly written." Rendezvous

Heir of Danger

Heir of Danger Author Alix Rickloff
ISBN-10 9781439170601
Year 2011-12-27
Pages 400
Language en
Publisher Simon and Schuster

A man too dangerous to live . . . After seven years outrunning enemies, friends, and his own soulcrushing memories, Brendan Douglas is risking everything on a desperate mission. He has vowed to thwart the evil mage Máelodor’s plans to unlock the past and reshape the future; unfortunately, the precious treasure that is his key to success lies with a woman Brendan jilted seven years before. A woman determined to find a life of her own . . . When her golden-eyed childhood hero abandoned her at the altar—disappearing in a storm of magic and mayhem, destruction, betrayal, and disaster—Elisabeth Fitzgerald struggled to put away her humiliation and loss. Finally, she has found a new fiancé and a comfortable future. Then, the one man she thought she would never see again appears—among her wedding guests. Brendan Douglas has returned. An inescapable destiny . . . It’s not just that Elisabeth is promised to another; Brendan knows he is drawing her into terrible danger. But he cannot resist the bewitching, brave, wholly unexpected woman his youthful nemesis has become. He promised to sacrifice everything, but is he willing to sacrifice Elisabeth?