Blue Book of Gun Values

Blue Book of Gun Values Author S. P. Fjestad
ISBN-10 1886768870
Year 2009-04-01
Pages 2272
Language en
Publisher Blue Book Publications

This new 30th Anniversary Edition is larger than ever, now with almost 2,300 pages of accurate information and updated values for both antique and modern firearms. With over 1.3 million books in circulation worldwide, the Blue Book of Gun Values once again sets the standard for both up-to-date and current information. This 30th Anniversary Edition of the Blue Book of Gun Values continues to be the bible for the firearms industry.

Blue Book of Gun Values

Blue Book of Gun Values Author S. P. Fjestad
ISBN-10 1886768390
Year 2003-04-01
Pages 1792
Language en
Publisher Blue Book Publications

If you're only going to buy one gun book annually to keep up with the firearms marketplace, the Blue Book of Gun Values is the only choice. This new 24th edition, now with nearly 1,800 pages and over a million copies in circulation worldwide, once again sets the industry standard for up-to-date firearms information and accurate pricing. Why guess when you can be sure? Book jacket.

Ammo Encyclopedia

Ammo Encyclopedia Author Michael Bussard
ISBN-10 1936120550
Year 2014-08-18
Pages 1008
Language en
Publisher Blue Book Publications

The newest 5th edition of the Ammo Encyclopedia by Michael Bussard has established itself as the most comprehensive and up-to-date reference source available for both current and obsolete commercial and military cartridges and shotshells.

Blue Book of Airguns

Blue Book of Airguns Author Robert Beeman
ISBN-10 1936120895
Year 2016-12-15
Pages 840
Language en

The new 7th Edition Blue Book of Airguns contains most popular 2008 and vintage makes and models, detailed descriptions, hundreds of B&W images identifying many popular makes and models, and up-to-date pricing.

Flayderman s Guide to Antique American Firearms and Their Values

Flayderman s Guide to Antique American Firearms and Their Values Author Norm Flayderman
ISBN-10 9781440224225
Year 2007-12-03
Pages 752
Language en
Publisher F+W Media, Inc.

Over 450,000 copies sold and in circulation! Here's why: Identification: Over 4,000 antique American firearm models and variants extensively described with all marks and specifications necessary for quick identification. Values: Over 4,000 individually priced firearms. Full information on how to assess values based on demand, rarity and conditions. Illustrations: Over 1,700 large scale photographs accompany model descriptions for convenient identification. Quick Reference: An easily-understood organization, a standardized numbering system, extensive cross referencing and a comprehensive index all aid in making this book a must reference for every gun enthusiast. Firearms History: Histories of the makers with dates and locations of manufacture and quantities manufactured. Trends in Collecting: A review of the ever-changing collecting and buying patterns which have resulted in a volatile present-day collecting market.

Standard Catalog of Military Firearms

Standard Catalog of Military Firearms Author Philip Peterson
ISBN-10 9781440246760
Year 2017-01-05
Pages 544
Language en
Publisher "F+W Media, Inc."

Your No. 1 Guide for Military Firearms Values! From handguns, rifles and shotguns to Class III automatic firearms, STANDARD CATALOG OF MILITARY FIREARMS, 8th Edition, is the complete, illustrated military firearms pricing and identification guide to the world's military firearms and their original accessories. This completely updated edition includes more than 2,000 models of firearms manufactured since 1870, as well as more than 1,600 photos. There are also expanded listings and descriptions for many original military accessories. FEATURES: Detailed descriptions and values for military firearms from around the world Identification advice and quality photographs help you analyze your collection The only price guide with extensive coverage for military firearm accessories Updated prices for handguns, submachine guns, rifles, shotguns and machine guns Special 16-page color photo section highlighting sniper rifles of the world The enormous amount of price values, descriptions and photos in STANDARD CATALOG OF MILITARY FIREARMS, 8th Edition will provide the knowledge you need to buy, sell or trade collectible military firearms with the utmost confidence in their values. Know what your collection is worth--don't pay too much or sell for too little!

Standard Catalog of Smith Wesson

Standard Catalog of Smith   Wesson Author Jim Supica
ISBN-10 9780896892934
Year 2007-01-03
Pages 384
Language en
Publisher F+W Media, Inc

Definitive Smith & Wesson identification and pricing reference, includes 350+ full-color photos for improved identification

Shooter s Bible

Shooter s Bible Author Jay Cassell
ISBN-10 9781602398016
Year 2009-11-01
Pages 592
Language en
Publisher Skyhorse Publishing Inc.

A resource with two hundred color photographs includes complete up-to-date information on new products, specifications, and prices for thousands of firearms and related equipment, and offers feature articles written by experts and comprehensive ballistictables.

Bigfoot Declassified

Bigfoot Declassified Author M. P. Raymond
ISBN-10 9781440122187
Year 2009-03
Pages 128
Language en
Publisher iUniverse

Bigfoot is Real... and quickly becoming a part of American Culture. This is the only approved government text (recently declassified) on understanding/controlling the Bigfoot creature. Learn how it all started and why this manual is a mandatory read. Learn new facts connected with the scientific validation of classic Bigfoot stories. Read up to date interviews with key people in the edification process. Gain a complete understanding from recent studies conducted at a secure state-of-the-art natural habitat facility created specifically for Bigfoot. Find out about the BF Crippler, a powerful tool for teaching/controlling. Find out about the BF Juggernaut, a high-tech military transportation vehicle designed to obtain and transport the legendary creature. Find out what the government expects - and demands- of you in this pursuit for security and harmony between man and beast.

The Gun Digest Book of Modern Gun Values

The Gun Digest Book of Modern Gun Values Author Phillip Peterson
ISBN-10 9781440218316
Year 2011-09-16
Pages 712
Language en
Publisher Gun Digest Books

Modern Gun Values is a uniquely valuable guide to the world of modern firearms. ("Modern" firearms refers to those built from c. 1899 to present. Guns made before 1899 are considered antiques. The 1899 date roughly represents the end of the blackpowder era and the beginning of the smokeless powder era.) As prices of antique firearms have risen, putting them out of the reach of most collectors, attention has turned to more affordable guns of the 20th century, especially guns of the Baby Boom (c. 1945-1980). Unlike antiques, these guns are acquired for shooting rather than for putting behind gla.

Cowboys the Trappings of the Old West

Cowboys   the Trappings of the Old West Author William Manns
ISBN-10 0939549131
Year 1997
Pages 223
Language en
Publisher ZON International Publishing

"COWBOYS AND THE TRAPPINGS OF THE OLD WEST" is a pictorial celebration of the old tie buckaroo. This exceptional book presents his saddles, chaps, spurs and other tools of the trade in a comprehensive tribute to the makers. The history of the craftsmen and the evolution of the gear are lavishly illustrated with over 550 photos.